Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk 


Chris loves Debbie. If you got to spend your youth with the most beautiful woman in the world, wouldn’t you take a lot of pictures of her? While Chris Stein is well known as the driving musical force behind Blondie,… Continue Reading


Forgotten TV: Star Maidens


        That the so-called experts have crowned The Starlost as the worst science fiction television series ever shows how little  experts can be relied upon sometimes. Without getting into a diatribe extolling the virtues of The Starlost… Continue Reading


The Singing Detective: A Musical Tale of Misogyny Reconsidered


Given the current national conversation about misogyny, and my belief that in order to abolish an evil you should try to understand it on its own terms, I’m surprised that Dennis  Potter’s The Singing Detective – the original TV show from 1986,… Continue Reading


Subterranean London: Cracking The Capital by Bradley L. Garrett

As Tom Waits once put it, “There’s a world going on underground,” and in the world’s hugest and oldest cities, it’s a complicated downward sprawl of a world. The team behind Subterranean London set out to uncover and document that sprawl… Continue Reading


Tales of the Talented Tenth Vol. 1: Bass Reeves by Joel C. Gill

Prior to reading this, I had never heard of Bass Reeves, and that is exactly the problem with race in our country. It’s bad enough that books, movies, TV shows about historical black heroes just didn’t exist, but it’s even… Continue Reading


Malformed: Forgotten Brains of the Texas State Mental Hospital by Alex Hannaford and Adam Voorhes 

Are you aware that the University of Texas hosts one of the most amazing gatherings of brains in the country? And I don’t mean brainy people doing some heavy thinking, I mean brains. And by gathering, I mean collection. In… Continue Reading


People of the 1980s: The Street Fashion Photography of Derek Ridgers and Amy Arbus

When I say 1980s fashion, most people are probably prone to shudder and reply “ugh!” Yes, the 80s were a bad time for mainstream fashion – big hair, big shoulders, jelly bracelets, parachute pants… it was all pretty awful. Which… Continue Reading


Cult Horror Movies and Cult Sci-Fi Movies by Danny Peary


The three volumes of Danny Peary’s Cult Movies served as prized reference books for cinephiles of a certain age. Published in the 1980s, Peary’s books were a survey of films that had gained a devoted following thanks midnight-movie screenings and the early… Continue Reading


Eating Delancey: A Celebration of Jewish Food by Aaron Rezny and Jordan Schaps 

In olde tymes, publishers would send a hard copy of a book to critics for review. In rare cases, this would be a galley copy, with a weird cerlox binding and double-wide pages, but usually it was something that resembled… Continue Reading